PassPay Terms and Conditions


1.    Fees

The fee for using PassPay is fixed. We charge 64 cents per transaction which is deducted from the amount paid to payee. Payer is not charged.


2.    Reporting Fraud

If you believe your card has been charged without your consent of it the amount charged does not match what specified during the transaction, contact us immediately at You have up 60 days to report any fraud. PassPay will not be responsible for any claims made after 60 days.

In case of a fraud, we work with your credit card company to transfer the money back to your account. The amount it will take depends on your credit card provider.


3.    Countries Supported

As of 4/1/2016, PassPay only supports transfer to accounts within the US. However, the credit cards can be issued by any country. Note that as a payer, your card issuer might charge you in addition to PassPay's fix fee to transfer to accounts outside of the card issuer's country. PassPay is not accountable for those charges.


4.    Contacting US

If you have any questions or concern, you can email us at